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 Deck, Stairs, Balcony & Porch Construction

Build or Remodel?

Outside our porches, decking, stairs and balconies take a beating in the rainy Oregon climate. Wood becomes warped and rotten... and very unsafe.


Often a huge task can be more easily handled when you have experienced specialists taking care of the problems. We design and build new decks from the dirt to finish. We build balconies, and stairs. We rebuild porches. We design and build ramps and the elevations that are wheelchair accessible (ADA compliant) for your specific needs. 

Older Porch Beauties

A new front porch is like a facelift for your home or commercial building. Safer, cleaner and more pleasing. Let us have a chance to help you decide what is best for your deck, porch, balcony or stairs.

Building ADA

M D & D Construction is experienced in building easy, safe access throughout the home for anyone who may have a strength, mobility or other impairment. Accessible features may include a covered porch, wider side walks, more exterior lighting and wider doorways to accommodate a wheelchair or walker.

Adding Space

Designed and built...

From the ground up!